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Batocera laena, flat-faced longhorn beetle

A very stressful, but very rewarding carbon dust drawing for my science illustration class. I never thought there would be so much detail on the surface of a beetle.






Found a new favourite artist: Hermann Dittrich.


May 10, 1972: Annie Catullo, puffing on a cigarette, inspected a fish’s freshness at a market where she intended to buy fish from a wholesaler for her upper Park Avenue store. The picture was evidently intended to accompany an article published in the paper of Aug. 13, 1974, that gave ample information about the frozen fish market and its bursting bubbles. “There has been a suggestion,” The Times reported with a soupçon of intrigue, “that the Canadian Government will buy and hold some of the Canadian wholesalers’ oversupply until prices rise again and then sell it back to the packers at the price it was bought.” Photo: Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times

I gouged my eyes out

only to find another much better

pair behind them